Catching up with the world …


I could appreciate the little things around me – the sound of the birds, the bright blue sky, the cool morning breeze brushing past my face. Alright enough of that crap ! Little did I realize that I would be buried under mounds and mounds of unread mails and subscriptions. Oh yes my friends, I endured 5 days without Internet. Now, people who know me pretty well will tell you what an achievement that is.

I was away from home for a 5-day college camp. In my language, that sentence can simply be translated to “No Internet for 5 days. Whatsoever”. I managed the first few days pretty well but after that my hands were itching to use my Hosteler Friend’s WiFi. Oh, I did use my self restraint but on the last night of the camp, I yielded to the pressure.
I opened my facebook page to see those welcoming red notification icons. They were such a sight for the eyes. Next, I opened my mail and well, gulped. Dozens of unread mails.This is not helping! So I opened WordPress. So many freshly pressed posts on the front page. Oh no, not just ‘many’ but 2 whole pages of “Freshly Pressed” content.I knew what was coming in the “Read” tab but it was a bit to much for me to take- nearly 150 new posts to read. It took nearly an hour to read them all. As if there isn’t enough already on my plate, my books are throwing a puppy-dog face for me to read them. I thought I will get over my writer’s block after a 5 refreshing days from the camp. Nay. I haven’t!

Now that made me think. Why is the world so diff(icult)errent without Internet? The world has changed so much since the last time I logged in (Alright , I know that sentence sounds over the top) but Miley’s engaged ? What is this new deal about Bath salts? Frankly, it seems really creepy. However, there is one thing that hasn’t changed at all. You know what ? Yahoo’s news content. They still bring the same dose of worthless Celebrity “News”.

So I’ve come to a few conclusions. I must stop following way too much Celebrity “news” and read some real news. Secondly, it is very hard catch up with the world with no internet. So what about you? You think you can manage no-internet days pretty well ?


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21 Responses to Catching up with the world …

  1. Sundararaman says:

    Secondly, it is very hard catch up with the world with no internet. (TRUE). So what about you? (NO CHANCE). You think you can manage no-internet days pretty well ? No. Not all. Like you had it for 5 day College Camp, I was in Tirumeyyam from 3rd June morning till 8th June late evening. The data card was useless. No news about what is happening in & around the World. Finally when I reached Chennai, before clicking google chrome button, I completed reading of 6 days The Hindu to get to know as to what has happened during these days. Later as usual quickly caught up with my HR Faternity. First I thought I was (or) I am addict. But later I realised it was not so! Good post. Continue doing … Sundar

  2. nirupamaprv says:

    In an age where knowledge [whether of world news or the grub about peers and relatives alike] IS power, we have to necessarily stay up-to-date. And Internet is an easy way to do that. So long as we are not addicted hopelessly, I think we are fine. 🙂

    • vandysnape says:

      The maximum I can live without Internet is 2-3 days . I guess I need to extend the period 🙂 I agree with you, it is necessary to stay up-to-date .
      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  3. transplantednorth says:

    I try to minimize and hope to eliminate going online or looking at a screen at all on Saturdays. I love keeping in contact with far away friends and family through the Internet. However, when I look around my own house and see every member looking at a screen and NOT interacting with each other, that makes me sad. It also makes me sad to see people at a restaurant, or kids hanging out but all looking at screens. The Internet is great for keeping current, but a lot of it I wholeheartedly admit is wasting time and keeping people from being truly present with the ones they are with. You were right in giving yourself an Internet break and I hope others learn from your example.

    • vandysnape says:

      I totally agree with you . Spending time in the Virtual world is one thing but in the process we mustn’t lose touch with the actual people. It is always good to go out and get fresh air once in a while . 🙂
      Thanks for taking the time to comment 🙂

  4. ganeshputtu says:

    you lasted 4 days without the net vandy…so thats a big achievement in itself (clap/clap)…anyway i wont call being obsessed with the net a wrong thing…considering that there are soo many other things wrong compared to the harmless pastime of net surfing/chatting/blogging…and btw, glad to see that the writers block has been squashed/pummeled into submission…cheers

  5. nice one re…one of ur best 🙂 really open 😀 lovved tht “mileys engaged part”” :D:D

  6. sash says:

    haha… 😀 so, you could manage for 5 days! that’s good. Welcome back!

    I can stay without a PC but can’t from internet. As long as I have access to my email on my phone, I can live. But if that is taken away, God… pls don’t do that. 🙂

  7. Balu says:

    Wow, you went back in time 🙂
    Yes! It’s quite tough with out the internet.

  8. Bumba says:

    I’m posting on my blog a short sci-fi story called story of the P’s. Anyway, it states/predicts that by 2020 or so, nearly all people will be (or have to be!) “connected”. It’s pretty true already. Luddites of the world, throw off your plug-ins.

  9. Bindu says:

    Yes, it is really difficult and different without internet. One of the addictions of modern times. But even if we keep ourselves away from it for a few days we won’t lose much we can still survive, just like you did.

  10. injinuity says:

    so true. It is a vicious circle, somehow or the other you end up back in the net circle.

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