Weekly Photo Challenge – Close

As soon as I read that this week’s theme is “Close” , I knew I was going to post this picture.  
So how does this picture relate to the theme ‘close’? These are actually the closing lines of the Harry Potter series (from the seventh novel “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” ) in the very last page 607. Every Harry Potter fan would remember these words “All was well”, for these words brought a kind of closure to the entire series. For the record, I am a huge HP fan and a post about Harry Potter was a long due one.



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20 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge – Close

  1. transplantednorth says:

    wow, that’s so close, I don’t even need my middle-aged lady glasses to read it. But I didn’t read it, because (believe it or not) I have YET to finish HP : (

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  3. Gilly Gee says:

    Different, i love it!

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  5. ganeshputtu says:

    the last day/last line of HP….a sad/nostalgic moment- somehow miss my july 4th (the day every year hp used to release)…very much nowadays and i want jk rowling to start writing again,

  6. brennagrimes says:

    Beautiful. I love HP.

  7. Cool shot, great idea. I also dig your “pledge to read the printed word.” : )

  8. Very nice shot! I am an HP fan too

  9. Jayati says:

    Wow nice shot !

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