Mr Farry


The singular line between his eyebrows were so deep that it seemed as if it was going to stay on his face forever. He watched her intently from behind the fence. The girl was waiting on the doorsteps looking forlorn. It was her alright. He was always good at identifying his ‘donors’. She stood up and walked towards the gate. He saw a woman with the same shade of auburn hair coming to get the little girl. Her Mother. The Man followed the pair with a safe distance between them.  He didn’t worry much about being caught. He was blessed with the most unremarkable face. Nobody ever gave so much a second glance. Least of all, the Mother. She had her eyes glued to her mobile phone.

Everything went smooth so far without any incidents. Except may be when the little girl gave him a fright in the traffic signal. She glanced at him up and down with mild curiosity until the Mother whisked her away to cross the road. All was well. He waited until nightfall to make his move. It was half past 11 when he entered the house. He shut the front door noiselessly and stepped backwards. Ouch! He knocked over a vase accidentally and it fell down with a thunderous crash in the silent house. No, he didn’t want his plans thwarted now when he’d come this far. Well, he was lucky it didn’t stir anyone awake. With all the sneakiness he could muster , he noiselessly climbed the stairs. There was a mesmerizing grace with which he moved silently, like a cat. There were three white doors on the landing. He ran his finger along the door handle with a butterfly sticker, contemplating  if it was the right one. Well, he was correct. The girl was sleeping peacefully in a room full of ‘cutesy-too-pink-to-handle’ things. He gently lifted the girl with surprising tenderness and pushed away the pillow to reveal a small tooth. Quickly, he conjured a small brass grinder from his pocket and put the tooth inside it. After a few rhythmic rotations, the tooth was ground to a fine powder. He smeared it on a mirror beside her bed and snorted the powder. The effect was immediate. He was twisting and turning with pain. His arms became rigid and from his left shoulder sprouted  a ghastly black wing, flapping endlessly. He stood up from the bed with great effort and swayed for a minute when another great black wing shot out of his right shoulder. He staggered under the weight of his newly sprouted wings and reached for the window. He struggled hard to pull open the window. There was no time. The girl was stirring in her sleep. With great effort he sprang open the window and leaped out.

The girl woke up with a start. She noticed the tooth was gone and the window was open. As she looked out the window, she saw a bat-like figure soaring through the sky. She smiled.


Based on this amazing short film by Ben Ockrent & Jake Russell, starring my favourite actor Alan Rickman. I came across an interesting writing exercise where you have to transcribe your favourite TV Show/movie. The first thing that came to my mind was this short film. A concept as simple as a tooth fairy can make for an awesome thriller is so fascinating. I mean who in the world has ever imagined Alan Rickman as a tooth fairy?




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