Commercial Street 101

Okay. I am just window shopping. No harm in that!

It wouldn’t hurt to put them in my wish list. (Oh no, I don’t expect any generous stranger to look at my list and actually buy it for me. *Eyeroll*. Thanks nonexistent-generous-stranger!)

I will just put them in my cart. I am not going to buy them. Just want to calculate the total.  *Looks at the cart total*. God no! I still have four weeks till month end.

*Checks for the price everyday*

It’s only 600! No way, it wouldn’t go any lower than this! I am buying it.

Voice of conscience: Have some self-restraint Pull yourself together and close the window. Besides, you can’t pull it off looking like a potato.

*3:00 AM*  Screw it, I am buying it.

Yes I love shopping.  I look forward to the weekend  for an entire week if it involves shopping.  I have had my share of insane impulse purchases at 3 AM and immediate regret the following morning. But still shopping soothes me. Having said that, I owe it to the shopaholic in me to write this blog post. I went to Bangalore’s Commercial street last week and I was like a dog without a leash. Being total noobs, my Friend and I had to rely solely on Google and a kind coffee-Anna to find our way through the streets.


This is very important. Most shops in commercial street do not accept debit/credit cards. So, for the best shopping experience, take a lot of cash.

So, how do we get there?

Take a bus to Shivaji Nagar Bus stop and from there Commercial street is a mere 10 minutes’ walk.

Load up with fuel before you shop…

There are a lot of food options in Commercial street. We were a little over excited and reached there by 8:30 AM (I know!). The shops don’t open until 11 AM. So we had a traditional South Indian breakfast at Sri Saravana Bhavan in Ibrahim Sahib Street. Food was pretty decent but the filter coffee was AMAZING. You can take little coffee-breaks between shopping. After all, if you’re going to shop for 12 hours, you need fuel. We chatted a little with the coffeewala Anna, who recommended some good shops.

You have many other eateries throughout the area – Burger King, Woody’s, Coffee day and many more. Plus, there are many lime soda carts all over the place – perfect way to rejuvenate.

Ibrahim Saheb Street

Commercial street has mostly branded shops which you can see anywhere in the city. But the best place to shop cheap is Ibrahim St. It runs parallel to Commercial street.  You have a plethora of options to choose from. Be it ethnic wear or other outfits, you get the best bargain.  A keen eye for good clothes and some haggling skills helps a lot. You can get trendy clothes for mere 100-300 Rupees. There is a shop selling Allen Solly dresses for 70% off and it is a must-visit. Ananya’s bridal wear shop has great Kurti collection and the Phulkari-type jackets are a steal. You can get pretty decent western wear in Naughtees.

Antique shops

I find curiosity shops and antique places very fascinating and this was the first time I visited one. There are half a dozen such shops in commercial street. I would recommend Asiatic Arts and Crafts in commercial street. It is a dingy shop above the Kashmiri emporium with space enough to fit only 3 people at a time. But it has one of the best collection of telescopes, record players, gramophones, victorian watches, compasses and what not. I bought a small telescope for 150 rupees(that was all I could afford due to the cash crisis in India right now!!).




Throughout Commercial street and Ibrahim St, you can find Maybelline and Lakme cosmetics for half the rate. I am not sure about the authenticity of the products though. If you want to purchase cosmetics exclusively, there is the Mahaveer and  Hi-Street mall.  They don’t exactly cheap but you have a variety of products all in one place.

Some pointers

  • Apart from clothes and accessories, you can find a lot of footwear shops near Narayan Pillai St. Literally every other shop sell shoes for bloody cheap rates.
  • If you are done with shopping and have some time to kill, visit Lal Bagh which is just a 15 minute ride away from commercial street (sans the traffic, of course).
  • The Bangalore Cantonment station is also nearby. There are autos for 50 rupees from Shivaji Nagar bus stop.
  • More than commercial street, you get the best bargains in Ibrahim Sahib.

Annnd I rest my case. Happy shopping!


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4 Responses to Commercial Street 101

  1. Mahesh says:

    Five-months gap between posts — romba busy at work aa??

    Now you have moved to Bengaluru??

    Happy blogging.

  2. Balu says:

    I felt like I was walking through the WWoHP Diagon Alley while reading this post :D. You are definitely a Writer, Vandhana!

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