The Castle


Mama says I have a wild imagination. Is that good? Maybe. But Mama always says it with an eye roll. She thinks I will make a damn good writer someday. I doubt that because I am awful at grammar. She makes me write a page every day. Anyway, we came back from our Scotland tour yesterday. Gam and I had an amazing time. I went horse riding for the first time in my life. Mine was a boy (I think) because our instructor kept saying ‘Atta boy’. I dunno don’t know if he meant me or the horse. Gam was very nervous though. After that, we set up tents near the beach. Mrs Cromley gave us delicious sandwiches. I swear Papa ate 5 big ones himself. You know, I couldn’t sleep at all because I was so bloody excited. Waves crashing and owls hooting made the night a little spooky. I was expecting something to happen having watched enough movies to know something crazy will happen during camp nights. Too bad it didn’t. On our third day, we went on a road trip to Aunty Mon’s village. It was a mistake if you ask me. Papa didn’t know one turn from the other. Half the time we ended up getting lost. Anyway, that evening I saw the most brilliant castle I had ever seen. There were three tall towers lit beautifully with orange lights. I almost startled Mama with my gasp. It would have been great to go near and have a look if my parents hadn’t chickened out like that. Papa was like ‘That ruin? Don’t be silly. That place looks like it’s going to crumble. Not a good place for kids’. Mama was not her usual eyerolling self though. She glanced at me with a worried look. I could not understand. What ruin? That place made Buckingham palace look poor. Papa steered out of that road quick as a cat. It was a huge disappointment for me. Oh and I swear to god I saw a man(or a superlong bat) floating near one of the towers. Mama would never believe me. She never believes me. Ok, they are calling me to bed. Pip pip !

Eddy. O


In case you didn’t know, Hogwarts looks like an old ruin to muggle’s eyes.  (Only muggle’s eyes )*Winks*


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4 Responses to The Castle

  1. ganeshputtu says:

    haha…the letter from the headmistress should be in your owl-mail soon i guess

  2. sash says:

    One day, I would want to buy your book from Amazon, and come to you for your signature. 🙂 Hope you are well!

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