Miracles do happen


People talked to Gods all the time. Sudama’s humble hut miraculously turned into a palace. Rishis gave boons. The list goes on. I wondered how miracles happened all the time in the previous Yugas. I asked my Mom the same. She said two things – People were good and fair back then and the world was a better place. Secondly, miracles don’t always have to be flashy, with the Gods coming face-to-face. So many months after that little conversation with my mum, something happened in my life which totally changed the way I saw things. An encounter which reaffirmed my faith.

I was getting ready to go to my Uncle’s house and stay there for a couple of days. My parents were out of town. I was so engrossed in my computer that I forgot to pack. I did every thing in a hurry; dumping things randomly into my bag, boiling the milk, locking all the doors and windows; Check. Check. Check. Then I started from my home. It was approximately 8:30 PM. I had a peaceful sleep that night and then came the morning. The day was as uneventful as ever. It was around 5:30 PM (why do I keep saying the time like some paranormal activity movie? Wait, I will get to the point) and I was sitting in the Jhula, rotating slowly. A cup of hot coffee in my hand. That is when I remembered something. The Milk! I didn’t turn off the Stove. Or did I? I wasn’t sure. But I panicked. I told my Aunt and Uncle about it. My Uncle jokingly said that he saw a big crowd near my house while he was coming home from Office. That scared the hell out of me. On the way to my house, my mind raced with dangerous thoughts. What if there was an explosion ? All our things. Not just the things, what if someone died in the explosion? It was terrible.

We reached home. The place was as calm as ever. But the maid was standing outside with a peculiar expression on her face. She told me that there was a strange odor coming from the house. My heart almost skipped a beat. I opened the door and rushed to the Kitchen. There it was. A jet black something which looked like the remnants of our milk cooker. Underneath it, blue flame. I heaved the biggest sigh of relief and switched off the stove. Then I collapsed in the chair, shaking so badly. After that I don’t remember much except that I was crying out garbled words “Oh my god” and “I am such a fool”. I couldn’t thank God enough.

And that is the story of how I almost blew up my house and possibly my worst “dementor” memory. Even now when I think about that incident, it makes me shudder a little. Had the milk overflowed and put off the flame, the gas would have leaked. What if someone pressed a switch by mistake? I don’t have the courage to think about the consequences. But when I ponder over this incident, I can’t help but take it as a miracle. As some one who usually fills a LOT of water in the side hole of the cooker, I didn’t fill any water that day.

Anyway, that particular incident strengthened my Faith. My mum was right about her second reason. Sure, I do worry about the silliest of things but there is always a little ray of hope lingering in the corner of my mind. After all, miracles do happen. Only thing is, have faith.


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25 Responses to Miracles do happen

  1. Batman (almost) says:

    I once , almost burnt my house , once almost drowned in a sea , twice ( or trice i guess ) almost electrocuted myself . Your mom is absolutely right , faith and hope is what keeps us living and breathing !

  2. Aadi says:

    And as you switched off the stove, breathed a sigh of relief and looked up, just above you a Hi-Fi was exchanged between God and the angel.
    God: Faith restored and strengthened. Now lets move on to the next one.
    He said to the angel as the cloud that they were standing on slowly drifted further.

  3. shruthi007 says:

    wt was tht crowd outside in ur area ?? 😛 did u enquire bout it 🙂

  4. sushmitha06 says:

    Good read. Well described. And yes miracles do happen everyday 🙂

  5. madhurgeeth says:

    ha ha ya i still remember u saying this entire story when u came to college .We should have captured ur face expressions that time …but we were busy thinking about the climax of ur story 😛

  6. mahesh says:

    Life is all about faith, hope and a lit bit of luck 🙂

    Thanksfully nothing serious happened!

    And you managed to make us smile and think at the same time with your post 🙂

    Good job!

  7. Praveena says:

    Yes,It’s a miracle.I do believe it.I had forgotten to turn off the stove,burnt lot of bowls several times.But I happened to be in home all the time,that is the good thing.miracle happened in your case.But You must have got scared a lot.

  8. ch says:

    nice read.. 🙂
    i stumbled upon this entry just by chance… evidently my favorite quote is “miracles do happen.. you just have to believe in them”
    and when i saw the heading “miracles do happen” and the pic that says “believe” i couldn’t stop myself from reading the whole entry..and i am glad that i did..
    thanks for sharing:)

  9. Balu says:

    My Periyama and I were discussing about miracles while watching the movie Karnan last week and she said the exact same thing your mother said when I asked her lot of questions 🙂
    Btw, I’m glad your neighbors are safe lol. Now I doubt whether I turned off everything at home ? :s

  10. Yatin says:

    That was one accident in waiting, just got avoided.
    When I see Rahul Gandhi speak and when the audience applaud in appreciation, I believe that miracles do happen in Modern India too!! 🙂

  11. Funny how the most unexpected things can have an impact on us! So glad you did not blow anything up. I have done something similar – luckily I only ruined a good pot instead of something worse.

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