Across the Fence…

The trees spread their tresses, each a different shade of green. They swayed left and right rhythmically to the beats of the storm. It looked like they were showing off their lush green leaves with mighty pride. Amidst the throng of trees stood a lone climber plant trailing along the sides of the building. Its dark green leaves wiggled feebly to the wind. Unlike the trees around, it couldn’t dance in the wind because its body was tied to plumbings for support. The lonely plant looked around the trees with envy and a tinge of sadness. With darkness slowly enveloping the evening sky, the plant was becoming less and less visible. Who would notice such a small plant like me, it thought with pensive sadness. Drops of water began to trickle down its dark green leaves. It was raining. Hiding its tears in the rain the plant looked across the fence and was slightly taken aback to see a girl looking at it curiously. It did not expect any spectators. As time went by, a sympathetic smile unfolded across her face and she went inside her house. I’m not alone after all, the plant smiled to itself.


Cyclone Nilam sure did bring about a lot of damage in the city but it also created this sweet little moment for me. As I looked across the fence, I saw that plant among the trees. In many levels, the climber reflected my thoughts.. I smiled to myself…


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10 Responses to Across the Fence…

  1. Balu says:

    Well written. May be ill think the same when I happen to see a creeper next time.

  2. Besides, the little plants bend with the wind whereas the wind may topple the mighty hardwood!

  3. nabadip says:

    The beauty of the post is in the fact that I can almost picture what you have written!

  4. sash says:

    across the fence – i loved it all – picture and words.

  5. what a nice thing to come across yet once again early morning!! I missed out reading on some of the posts I think!!

    Have a very nice day!

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