DIY : Bookmarks

Disclaimer : Tutorial strictly for arts & crafts noobs. If you have never handled scissors and glue at the same time, this is the place for you!

One of the best things about shopping in Flipkart (besides the books, ofcourse)is the fancy bookmarks they give you.

So, today while cleaning my book shelf I unearthed some really old items – gift wrappers, gift labels from my friends and an old Vodaphone advertisement pamphlet. They were all too colourful and I didn’t have the heart to throw them away. So I thought I’d make my own fancy bookmarks. First I cut the colourful pictures from the pamphlet :

I had a hard time picking out the right picture but I chose the British Royal guard because of my fascination for the royal family 🙂 Then, I needed a hard surface onto which I could stick my picture. I didn’t go for a cardboard-sheet because they are too hard to handle for my poor blunt scissors. So, I used my reasonably hard b’day card label. Stick your picture on the non-written side.

Make sure you cut it in such a way that your friend’s name is still there. This way, it makes a fantastic bookmark and a lovely thing to remember your friend.

That’s it ! Punch a hole on the bookmark and tie a string to it. Bam! Your bookmark is ready!

My brand new bookmark clashed really with my ‘Catcher in the Rye‘ book. There he is, the royal-guarding guarding the page numbers of my book 🙂


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30 Responses to DIY : Bookmarks

  1. Nabadip says:

    Now that’s what I call productive work!
    Not that I will ever make them myself!way too lazy for that.
    And yes,I totally agree about the flipkart bookmarks!

  2. For sure… a good idea!
    happy Samhain :-)claudine

  3. Yatin says:

    Shruthi must be feeling so honored 🙂

    • vandysnape says:

      Thanks Nirupama 🙂

      Btw been meaning to say this for a long time, you have a lovely name 🙂

      • nirupamaprv says:

        Thank you.
        I’ve been meaning to compliment you as well on your lovely eyes. But did not worrying that you might think me weird or psycho! 😦
        One more thing, how did you prevent the punched holes from tearing? Did you use any guards?

      • vandysnape says:

        Thank you 🙂 🙂

        The b’day-card label I used was quite hard. So punching it in the first place wasn’t very easy. Also, the string is very soft. So the chances of hole tearing off is very less 🙂

  4. hey am so honoured <3…its me or some other shruthi da??

  5. mahesh says:

    Really well done 🙂 how come you did not make it to the Indiblogger meet at Chennai last saturday!

  6. sash says:

    i was impressed by these a few times, took a few pictures too of those bookmarks.

    Will post when i get time and dedicate them to you, for you already wrote a beautiful piece!

    nice efforts btw! 🙂

  7. Beautifully done, Vandy. Your bookmark is vastly superior to those boring old Flipkart also-rans! Nothing like a hand-made, one-of-a-kind piece of art. Have you considered selling them as craft items? OK, maybe they won’t work very well for Kindles, but they’re perfect for real books. Bet they’d be a hit at your local holiday craft fair. Nice work! : )

  8. vanessailona says:

    Love this idea! I definitely want to try it out this week since I haven’t got a bookmark in quite some time and have been using old receipts instead. Plus the British guard reminds me of when I went to London two summers ago.

    • vandysnape says:

      🙂 Even though I had lots of bookmarks, I somehow never used this. I used only those old train tickets and bus tickets. Now that I’ve made my own, I want to use it 🙂
      Thank you so much for stopping by, Vanessa 🙂

  9. Very cute and creative idea!

  10. Bindu says:

    Loved that! Let me show it to my girl, and she will push aside her books right now and start making one….

  11. Ganesh Raam says:

    Your blog says it all… Big Harry Potter fan! Should I call you Snape? Jus Kidding 😀

  12. whatuful says:

    I also wanna make one >< well done!

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