What not to do during a power cut

As Tamil Nadu is plagued by frequent power cuts these days (Oh no weeks…Oh wait years!), I thought I’d make a short list of things not to do during a power cut. Trust me, one of these tips are bound to come handy for you because I’ve drawn them from my own experience. So, let’s get down to business…

#5 Reading books on mental asylums with a torch light is not going to help you !

That’s right! Electroshock therapies, lobotomies, schizophrenia is NOT going to lift your moods up. I thought I would finish the last part of One flew over the cuckoo’s nest in the torchlight but dang after McMurphy was sent to the Shock shop, I got depressed and shut the book. So here’s a piece of advice. If you are planning on reading a book during the power cut, pick a nice happy book that doesn’t involve mental illness, revenge, murder or ghosts.

#4 Taking close-up shots of the candle

No one is going to give you a Pulitzer Prize for that. The closest thing that you could achieve is getting your camera lens burned or at least blowing your candle light off. I know it can be tough. It is only during the time of power cuts that our photographic instincts take a peek.

#3 Do not sing. Oh for god’s sake no !
We always get the incredible urge to sing out loud when we are alone. Unless you want to get frightened by your own voice in the dead silent house or make the next door neighbour think there is banshee invasion, please don’t it.

#2 Don’t sit on your laptop
Just when you thought you’d sit down and have a small nap, you hear a chilling ‘CRACK’ and there your laptop shudders a bit and breathes its last breath.Oh yes my friends! Been there.. Done that..Your laptop may not have any charge left(because you watched back-to-back episodes of Big Bang Theory) but that doesn’t mean it is useless. So, don’t keep it on the chair. Stumbling in the dark and falling on your laptop isn’t a good excuse either.

#1 Calling the Electricity Board enquiry-line number is totally useless
This is most important tip. There are two reasons why calling the EB guy is useless.
– There’s that sickeningly sweet voice telling you to “Please check the number you have dialled”.
– In those rare occasions when an actual human picks up your call, you hear the redundant answer “In another half an hour Madam”.. That’s probably the 3rd half an hour I’m in. Apparently he was teaching me the time paradox.

So there you go! I hope you found them ‘insightful’ 😉 Have you got any tips that we’d like to hear ?


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34 Responses to What not to do during a power cut

  1. ganeshputtu says:

    i also log onto twitter/facebook from my mobile and do 5mins status updates about power failure at home/i am bored/hate EB..etc….driving everyone to curse me for spamming their timelines..
    Btw, i have a e-reader at home and somehow every time the charge is low (its a samsung tab- so what else to expect)- the power failure occurs (murphys law)- so i have to either read in battery saving/low resolution or just switch it off…

    • vandysnape says:

      Oh E-reader’s a better option than torchlight. 🙂 These days we don’t even have enough time to charge the torch lights and cellphones.. Thanks to TNEB !

  2. Haha!

    Isn’t it strange that the moment there is a power cut, the urge to study/read or do other stuff that actually matters reaches its peak. Back comes power and one gets busy with twitter/facebook/wordpress and everything else!

    A suggestion I have is that during a powercut one should not actually wait for the return of the current rather lie down in the dark and dream out aloud!


    • vandysnape says:

      Very much agreed ! Rather the productivity level takes a high 🙂
      The second idea seems really interesting. I should do more of dreaming and less of ranting 🙂

  3. i find an outage a time for family and flashlights

  4. sash says:


  5. LOL. Its been years since I’ve been in a blackout, but I have recently been thinking about what I would do if the lights went out, thanks to a new TV show. At least now I know 5 things I probably shouldn’t do! 🙂

  6. Very informative! Incidentally In Koyambedu area particularly the SAF Games Village, power cuts are very rare as if it is not in Tamilnadu.

  7. mahesh says:

    All Chennai vasis are lucky maximum two hours powercut. Just travel a bit further away beyond Tambaram or Avadi its about 8 to 10 hours of powercuts 😦

    What not to do list 🙂
    Bake a cake,
    Shave your beard or moustache (applicable to men)
    I have colleagues who got a Chaplinesque moustache because the power failed right when they were trimming their moustache.
    Try on a new dress 🙂
    Play cards 🙂 lots of scope to cheat!

  8. Balu says:

    You can play with hand shadow puppets 🙂

  9. diannegray says:

    This is absolutely hilarious! Great post 😀

  10. dilipnaidu says:

    Go for a walk 🙂

  11. Nabadip says:

    Also been there and done that with the laptop:(

  12. TBM says:

    Great tips, especially the laptop one.

  13. Extremely funny, and very helpful as well: I’ve put a glow-in-the-dark “Do not read during power outage” sticker on all my Mental Asylum novels. I have a large collection, of course, and could very easily have pulled one out, especially in the dark… : P

    I like your new blog header, and is that you looking alert and intelligent in the lower right-hand corner?? : )

    • vandysnape says:

      Sorry for the late reply. Been away from WP for a long time. 🙂

      ha ha 🙂 Have always found your comments amusing 🙂
      P.S : That is in fact the Mini-Me 🙂

  14. Bindu says:

    Shall keep them in mind during my next trip to Kerala which is blessed with an equally efficient EB – KSEB!

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