Weekly Photo Challenge – Big

Back from hibernation, my dear bloggers ! It’s been a really long time since I logged on to WordPress and I thought I’d break the streak with a weekly photo challenge. I have three Big entries here.

This picture was taken in the Express Avenue‘s first anniversary, following EA’s tradition of building giant ceramic structures during special occasions. Too bad the cake wasn’t edible.

Interestingly, the next picture also comes from EA. This time it was a Guinness world record attempt to bake the longest photo cake, in honor of my favourite musician in the whole world – Ilayaraja.

This picture was taken in the Innovative Film City, Bangalore. That is my tiny hand with a replica of the world’s tallest person’s Hand. Now, that is perspective 😉


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Hi ! I'm Vandhana. Books. Blogging. Rickmaniac. Titanic. Time Travel. UFOs. Madras. Travel. History. Quirks. Shopaholic. Sinatra. Mozart. Beatles. Amelie. Me :)
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16 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge – Big

  1. Yum on the cupcake!! And that is YOUR hand??? I would have guessed a child’s!! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  2. Balu says:

    Welcome back Vandhana 🙂
    Photo cake of illayaraja! Awesome. Nice to see the happenings in chennai. Thanks for sharing.
    Btw, caption the last picture as Beauty and the Beast 😉

    • vandysnape says:

      Thanks Balu 🙂 The cake was indeed awesome and had pictures of all Ilayaraja movies 🙂 lol beauty and the beast ? I’d rather say ‘The Child and the Beast’ 😉

  3. They are apt pics for the challenge. Well thought out and deeply felt in a way….right??

  4. Nabadip says:

    Those are big indeed:p

  5. mahesh says:

    Nice pics but please do write 🙂

  6. Northern Narratives says:

    The big cupcake is very cool. At first, I thought it was real food 🙂

  7. Ah! Welcome back, Vandhana! You’ve been hibernating too long, I can’t believe you spent the whole time arm-wrestling with The World’s Tallest Person! (uh, you did win, right??) : )

    Great pix. Whatever happened to the photo cake? Hope you were able to grab a piece or two, and some ice cream, too… : P

    Good to see you back in action!

    P.S. Your hand is just the right size. : )

  8. sash says:

    arey wah!! 🙂 tasty cake i suppose.

    i liked the pic of the hands.

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