Weekly Photo Challenge – Wrong

Everything that is wrong about “The Guindy National Park” in Chennai. I have been wanting to post about the sad state of the zoo ever since I visited the place two months ago. The bird’s wistful look through the bars somehow conveyed a sense of their freedom being snatched away. The aviary is too small for the birds to fly around freely. Imagine what it would be like to be locked up in the same room for all our life with strangers poking their heads every now and then. I would be really glad if the authorities provide a larger aviary.

Not only the birds, but other animals also face various degrees of neglect. I have never seen monkeys more dull anywhere. The poor animals were brooding amidst a pile of old fruit peals, dry fruits and other food. I wonder when was the last time the authorities cleaned up the cage.

Don’t you think these animals and birds actually deserve to ‘stretch their wings’ ?


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22 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge – Wrong

  1. transplantednorth says:

    ugh! I hate zoos like this. They should’t even be called zoos, they should be called animal jails. Any place that keeps animals, that does not keep them in an adequate enclosure, that does not teach the visitor about its species, or what the zoo is doing to preserve the species or the natural habitat where this species originates should be shut down, it’s animals sent to a better place to live where they will be loved and cared for. Thank you for posting this, you’ve inspired me to post another Photo Challenge: Wrong, about Marineland in Canada. I’ll be sure to link your site to mine.

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  3. Northern Narratives says:

    Very sad for the animals 😦

  4. Balu says:

    Very badly maintained zoo. These pictures makes sad and angry at the same time.

  5. yazh26 says:

    Exact post !… even if they arent let free,they can atleast maintain them properly…. the worst place in zoo or any such I saw was the place of crocodiles…. God… so horrible it will be… 😦

  6. Uma says:

    that is really sad : (

  7. Madelaine says:

    😦 So sad.

  8. mahesh says:

    Sad, sad sad 😦 this was supposed to be Chennai’s pride a zoo within the heart of the city!

    Zoo-keepers have become heartless the government is in apathy and focussing only on temple-elephants!

    Not good at all 😦

    The bird – stork or pelican I don’t know – looks sad and hungry!

  9. Sanju says:

    Rather imprisoning them inside a terrible zoo like this.. The authorities could reallocate these animals to place like a wild life reserve.. Atleast it gives a feel of home to the animals…

    Check this out..
    The Maaasai Mara Reserve in Kenya.. Animals roam and graze around like their own territory and still they are protected.. Apart from the animals, the whole wild life including trees and other forms life can be conserved in a place like this..

  10. Dilip says:

    Animals in the Zoo have a sad look in their eyes! 😦

  11. A sad state of affairs. I admire the way you framed your shots. The wire mesh does indeed make them all look like prisoners. The effect is particularly stark in the first photo. I see among your other talents, you are also a powerful advocate. : )

  12. I can’t visit zoos, they make me too sad.

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