Awesome Blog Content Award!

I have been nominated for Awesome Blog Content Award by another awesome blogger Balu . This is my first blog award and I’m very thrilled 🙂 Thank you Balu !

In turn , I must nominate a few blogs and write a sentence for each alphabet which describes . Here I go ..

A – I’m creeped out by Humans dressed as Animals .

B – I’m a HUGE Beatles fan .

C- I love Chennai as much as I love the Beatles .

D- Right now , I’m reading the book “Dracula

E- Edinburg is my dream place

F- I’m a Friends (Sitcom) addict .

G- I’m not a girlie girl

H – Harry Potter is more than a book to me .

I – If it is Rahman or Ilayaraja , I’ll definitely choose Ilayaraja (Alright , I’m gonna get hate comments for this :p)

J – If I ever travel through time , I wanna find out who Jack the Ripper is . (I know sometimes I’m weird :p)

K – To quote Snape , sometimes I can be an insufferable know-it-all

L – Love Story theme is my favourite

M – My favourite word in English is ‘Magnificent’ .

N – I need to learn how to say “No” sometimes

O – I’m somewhere between an optimist and pessimist

P – I have an allergy for Peas (though I love them )

Q – I’m a big Gossip Queen ( harmless gossip though .. That is mostly listening to gossip .. not creating one )

R – I have a huge fascination for The British Royal Family

S – I hate Sweets or anything Sugar . One of the few things I hate, which surprises people ( The other things are Noodle , Ice-Cream , Pizza )

T – Time Travel is my fantasy .

U – This is my policy “If U don’t have anything nice to say , don’t say anything”

V – People call me Vasu . That is a guy name but still I like it .

W – I love writing . I maintain a journal too ..

X – I cant find a sentence for X

Y – Yesterday was the first Beatles song that I heard

Z – I really don’t know what to write with Z .

Now .. Time for Nomination .

I nominate Scriptor Obscura for this award . She is one of the reasons why I love visiting wordpress almost everyday . I have always been in awe with her writing skills. Not one of her works have been dull .Thank you Scriptor Obscura for giving me joy through your writing 🙂

About vandysnape

Hi ! I'm Vandhana. Books. Blogging. Rickmaniac. Titanic. Time Travel. UFOs. Madras. Travel. History. Quirks. Shopaholic. Sinatra. Mozart. Beatles. Amelie. Me :)
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8 Responses to Awesome Blog Content Award!

  1. Balu says:

    Hey Vasu, It’s nice to read your ABCs 🙂 and good to know that you maintain a Journal.
    Vazthukal !!

  2. Scriptor Obscura says:

    Wow! Thank you so much for this, Vandy! Wow! I am deeply honored by your really kind words here. Wow. I am truly humbled and honored that you should think so highly of my writing here. Wow. I never had such high, high praise from anyone ever before, and I feel so wowed and honored that someone could really think so highly of my writings here! I really don’t know what to say, except to say thank you so much, Vandy. You are too kind.

    Again, as I said before, I do hope that you will understand if I just choose to accept this award, but not to post about it or to pass it on. Thank you so much. I really appreciate this very much, Vandy, and I am truly honored. Readers like you are one in a million, and I am so grateful for your continued support of my writing here. Thank you so much, Vandy!

  3. Sash says:

    that’s a pleasure reading your blog. and it’s an awesome blog!!

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