Fear of the unknown

She was all alone in the house… That means she could sing at the top of her voice without being pointed out that she’s singing in the wrong key. She could watch movies all through the night without being told off by her mum. In other words , Timora had the entire house to herself . Yet she had something inkling in the corner of her mind. She had an uneasy feeling that someone was watching her every move like an insect under the microscope.. “You are just hallucinating ..See..Don’t watch Horror movies at night.. It won’t do you any good ” , she said to herself.

The entire house was so silent that every tick of the clock sounded like a blast gun .. Timora didn’t like the sound of it …In an effort to divert herself from this , she took the remote to watch some TV..There was an ear splitting sound which made her almost slide off from the chair.. “Damn volume…” ,she cursed under her breath … She was switching the channels unsettlingly with her eyes unfocused .. Just when she thought she was going to fall asleep , she saw something from the corner of her eyes that shook the life out of her.. A shadow slid past the window… I’m definitely sure .. I’m not imagining it , she thought…Should I look through the window ? Should I call out for someone ? Is it a burglar ? What if it was something else .. The very idea it could be a “something” rather than a “someone” almost paralyzed her..

Timora stood right there not knowing what to do.. She couldn’t even muster up enough energy to shout.. All that came out of her mouth was an incoherent mumble…. “Arrrrrrrrgh..” , She let out a shriek .. Something brushed past her leg .. Phew ! It was just the hem of her skirt.. Her heart beat resonated with the tick of the clock. “You just can’t stand right here.. Go outside and see what it is” , said the sensible part of her mind while her leg wouldn’t budge up .. Even a single step seemed like years to her..

As she moved a few steps , the power went off.. The whole room became pitch dark except for the ominous glow of the moonlight. Is this what it is like to be in a horror movie situation? Strange thoughts entered her mind .. She could hear the sound of nails on flesh … What’s happening to me ? I don’t even know what that sounds like…All of a sudden there came a gentle knock on the door…Every living cell in her body came to a momentary halt.. She slowly moved towards the door, hands held out.. By the time she reached the doorway , the sound of the knocks changed drastically .. What started of as a gentle knock now turned into a series of bangs.. She stood like a painted picture … Petrified .. She could hear a mixture of demonic screams and the sound of nails on wall..It was sheer agony .. The whole world seemed to come crashing down on her head.. She was inches closer to being driven into insanity .. It was unbearable ..

She knew she wouldn’t stand a chance.. She has to face the wrath of whatever that was beyond the door. Her hands closed over the door knob .. At that very moment , it all seemed to stop..The air was light again. No sound . No shadows . Nothing . It took her some time to return back to normalcy . Timora lay in darkness drenched in her own sweat.. She felt a mixture of relief and hope trickle down her body.. “Everything is alright..It is all a bad dream..,” she said to herself .. At that precise moment , she heard the sound of the Kitchen door unbolting ..

Timora lost herself in her own scream……


Perhaps it was all true.. or perhaps Timora was dreaming … We may never know her fate..Though there is one thing that we can be sure about .. Fear .. In my opinion , Fear is one of the most intense of all emotions. Be it in a dream or in reality. When you wake up after a very happy dream , you are left with a feeling of euphoria which soon withers out when you realize that it’s just a dream. However , when you have a scary dream ,that fear still lingers in your mind throughout the day..Even silly little things manifest themselves to create “fear”..In this story , Timora is just a personification of all fears that people have when they are alone .. Hence the name , Timora..Even as I write this blog ,I look at the window every few minutes for some strange thing to pop up .. I wanted to write a blog on fear but somehow it moulded itself to form a story … Hope you liked it πŸ™‚

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11 Responses to Fear of the unknown

  1. Nice story! This line was great, “Her heart beat resonated with the tick of the clock.” And you are right, fear is one of the most intense emotions. I think that’s why so many people are drawn to horror movies and thriller fiction; it’s fun to be scared. Hope you got your post published and a sound night’s sleep!

  2. hottabb says:

    so true! Humans are afraid of the unknown πŸ™‚ nice post

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  4. Yazhini says:

    something true dear…even if for a brave person if situations come like this, they would surely break πŸ˜‰

  5. Sash says:

    afraid, lost and found. πŸ˜€ good one.

  6. Amrita nayak says:

    Very cool and nyc way to explain the sense of fear…. Usually it hapens to all oof us…
    Many times came when the different situation but the same kind if fear i have realize….
    Keep going.. Nyc post

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