Losing battles with New Year Resolutions…

*Clears the dust off the blog*

Yep.. It’s been a long time since I’ve posted .. Lately most of the posts that I write don’t make it to the “Publish” button.. This is one of those lucky ones that made it .. 🙂

Anyway , it is New Year’s Eve which means it is ……”DEAR DIARY time” .. Today I picked up my Diary and my glitter pens (That’s for colour coding if you must know ) .. But then I noticed the strangest thing ..The diary was only half the size it used to be.. wait.. before you want to know the reason, let me tell you something about me and new year resolutions .. Every year I make one big resolution and many tiny resolutions.. The big resolution is always the same .. That is to stop biting my nails .. But I break my resolution faster than Kim Kardashian filing for divorce .yep ..Over the years I’ve come up with a number of strategies to make it work…Last year I set the record for bite-free nails for 2 weeks ! So this year I bought a couple of nail polish so that I don’t have the heart to “bite” the pretty colours.. I guess I was hoodwinked by the lighting of the shop that I bought the ugliest colours for a nail polish : pale green and Ujala blue ..

I called them “funky” colours .. Uh ..little did I know that my nails would look like they are growing algae .. For the first two hours after putting them on I didn’t want to look at my fingers at all… But I didn’t want to remove them either .. So I was having this little battle in my mind… But guess what? MISSION ACCOMPLISHED ! I didn’t want to take my fingers any where near my mouth ……

So where was I ? the diary.. yeah .. I always write my resolutions neatly in a diary .. Halfway or even quarter way through the year if I don’t abide by them ,I tear the paper and write new ones.. That is the story of my shrunken diary ..

Here’s the moral of the story .. Only if you are planning on strictly following your resolutions write them in a diary .. If not they only remind you of how crappy you were the last year .. So raise your glasses , ( in case of chennaiites filter kapis ) to a wonderful year ahead.. Hope you all succeed in all your endeavours …

P.S: Once I made a resolution to stop drinking aerated drinks .. In fact I didn’t take a drop until last year … So there’s the silver lining that I’ve been looking for… 😉

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11 Responses to Losing battles with New Year Resolutions…

  1. Yatin says:

    I plan not to follow the plan!

  2. Eh, no resolutions for me. Makes me feel like a failure… Good luck with the nail chomping, I have lip biting to deal with. Hmm… Nail polish on my lips?

  3. Jayati says:

    resolutions are very hard to follow …
    check out my post on resolutions

    • vandysnape says:

      I very much agree… Resoltuions are like self-imposed rules which are bound to be broken ..
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting .. I will surely look into your post 🙂 Happy posting !

  4. Sash says:

    i made plans for two years, i followed only two months. later I realized, I am better off with things when not planned for spl days. 😀

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