Where do I begin?

love story theme :)

See the ipod charge level in the picture? It’s half empty … That’s because I played the “Love Story (1970)” theme again and again and again …..and .. again ..Probably over 50 times .. So at one point even after switching off my ipod , I could still hear the song playing in my head..I was quite confused .. was it the ipod ? or my head? .. Anyway ..You know , we all have that one song which makes us feel as though they are composed specially to put us to sleep …I have a bunch of such “night” songs which transports me to a whole new world …

1.)“Where do I begin?” – Love Story(1970)

2.)“Speaky Softly Love “ Andy Williams

3.)“I dreamed a dream” – Les Miserables

4.)“Girl” – The Beatles

5.)“Top of the World”- The Carpenters

6.)“Endless Love” – Lionel Richie and Diana Ross


8.)“Ennulle Enulle” – Ilayaraja

9.)“Everybody loves somebody “- Frank Sinatra

10.)“Thoda Thoda “ – A.R.Rehman( Indira)

11.)“Imagine” – John Lennon

The funny thing is that I came to know some of these songs through “Friends” tv show.. Remember Phoebe and Chandler singing “Endless Love“? and “Everybody loves somebody” in the vegas episode …. the male nanny playing “Greensleeves” on his flute?

So what’s your song?

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Hi ! I'm Vandhana. Books. Blogging. Rickmaniac. Titanic. Time Travel. UFOs. Madras. Travel. History. Quirks. Shopaholic. Sinatra. Mozart. Beatles. Amelie. Me :)
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8 Responses to Where do I begin?

  1. toosoxy says:

    Don’t forget “Somewhere Over the Rainbow!”

  2. Funny that you should mention “Friends.” I just referenced them in a comment I made this morning.

    To answer your question . . . Metallica’s Load and Reload CDs. I know it sounds strange but I love to go to sleep listening the them.

  3. Sash says:

    haha… lullabies are just them…. not sure of many of them on the list… got to try!

  4. As much as I adore The Beatles, I think “my song” would have to be “Add Some Music To Your Day” by The Beach Boys. It pretty much defines me.

    • vandysnape says:

      The best thing about internet is that I’m introduced to many wonderful music and artists.. I will check out this song 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to read and comment 🙂

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