when ink and paper came to life….

my torn copy :)

"He sat back in his chair, slightly ashamed of himself, and laid down the pen. The next moment he started violently. There was a knocking at the door"

ThoughtPolice already !All my pledges to stop biting my nails vaporized within a matter of milliseconds .. I reached for the doorknob even before Winston Smith and … *trsssssssssssssk* Page 19 was in my right hand :O The force with which I pulled the doorknob , or lack of thereof , perhaps tore that page …

Whatever…, it wasn’t the ThoughtPolice after all. It was just his neighbour ..
This is probably the first time that I felt connected to a character with a mere 19- page acquaintance .. When I read “Heidi” , I did tag ‘along‘ with her to The Alps while ‘Lord of the Flies‘ left me stranded ‘along‘ with the children in the Island .. However , this time I actually put myself in the character’s position. I’m sure everyone has a book which sends shivers down their spines. Interestingly , those are not Horror stories.They are rather ghastly “what-if” representations of everyday things.. If only the world was as bad as it had been in ‘1984’ life would be an unsuccessful swim in a swamp ..phew!

P.S: I just half way through the book but I couldn’t wait to write a teeny tiny blog on it .. :):)

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