An ode to Chennai….

I was quite surprised with myself because I haven’t written a single blog entry about Chennai yet( Mind you ! I’m a HUGE Chennai fan).. As the realization dawned upon me, a cluster of thoughts clouded my mind..Squeezing them all into one post isn’t very good idea.. So I’ve decided to do a 4-part series on Chennai .. Do I sound businesslike?? 😛

To begin with … Chennai , according to my opinion is the best city in the whole world… I know many of you out there will “strongly” disagree with me (Especially my Chennai-hating sister) but bear with me coz this post is gonna show some serious Chennai lovee….Hmm.. Anyway ..There is nothing like the feeling when you get down at Chennai-Central station to see the majestic clock tower beaming ….as if welcoming you with its arms wide open… There is so much more to the City than the cliched attributes that it is always associated with like bumpy roads, hot climate or heavy traffic.. It is very much of a “People’s place” …

Speaking of which …. one of the most interesting things that I find about Chennai is its people.. They can be reeally (That’s with an extra ‘e’ ) nosy at times but still they are very friendly.. You see people picking up conversation with total strangers in buses and trains.. Talking about everything from Politics to personal stuff like long lost friends… On a funny note , even a 1-year old knows 2 popular words .. Guess what? Appa (Dad)? Amma (mom)? Nope ! It’s Karnaniri and Yayalalitha (Read Karunanidhi and Jayalalitha).. 😀 I’m not sure whether some of them even know the name of the Prime Minister but they are very much into regional politics….

Popularly known as the ‘Land of Idlis and Dosas’ , Chennai or rather the whole of Tamil Nadu is famous for these two dishes.. As I type this very sentence mouth watering images of Saravana Bhavan’s “14 idlis” and Rathna Cafe’s “Bucket Sambhar” come to my mind. aaaahhhh…. Okay .. It’s time for me to eat (Can hear my stomach grumbling )…

But stay tuned for the rest !


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2 Responses to An ode to Chennai….

  1. Sash says:

    ah! ah! that’s 9 years ago… i was more of chennai, though just there for a week, i have fallen for a lady there… beginning then, for two or three next weeks, I was called ‘Saambar’ by my friends.

    I remember a very good song from vadivel – ‘namma vooru chennailende rendu central iruku. Oru central railu innoru central jailu’ hahahaha… 😀

    nice one.

  2. nosy, friendly and with an extra “e” – pretty darn accurate description! much love for those with love for madras, more please!

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