Technology and Parents!?! Oxymoronic??

One of the creepiest things I’ve ever seen is not the famous spider-walk scene in “The Exorcist” or Lady Gaga’s meat dress or Marlyn Manson (DISCLAIMER :For people who know neither of these things …well, google them at your own risk!). But it is the image of my mom using Orkut or rather… having anything to do with Technology…

As the word “Dad” usually conjures an image of a serene figure reading newspaper , it is quite hard to digest the fact that he “google-s” and is in Facebook..Topping all that my mum uses SMS Slang… I got a text from her saying “Whn r u comin hme? Hve kept fud 4 u” and for a moment it was difficult for me to comprehend it (I’m sorry I’m quite lagging behind times)…I was not sure whether to be proud of the fact that my mum is so techie or that I’m the 90 year old in the house…

Sometimes it causes more hindrance than any good coz now there’s competition for my computer.The funny thing is the other day my dad bought a pen drive for my mum ..She filled the entire thing and not wants an external hard-drive !!!LOL

Anyway on the flip side now they don’t need my assistance to assemble the computer or any other device..They are on their own……..

Bottom Line : Kalam kettu pochu pa…….Try to live with it.…….

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4 Responses to Technology and Parents!?! Oxymoronic??

  1. zman says:

    Sounds like the parents are growing…they used to be so in the dark about the world ……soon everyone will know all the acronyms..never know the parents might even get a phone with that piercing noise for a ring…..zman sends

  2. Sash says:

    hahahahaha…. that’s terrible enough to live with still. 🙂

    just 7 years ago, my asked me to build applications for him so that he can use them on his laptop and later that, he tried a few snippets in Java… call me a ‘bug’ he fixed me by reading stuff in F1. He has nothing to do with technology but the pharmacy education from Coimbathore.

    Glad I was, I understood what he was up to, and only that helped my life. 🙂

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