Feeling too small?

One of the most frequent questions that I get asked is “Why are you so short?” Oh yeah I get it at least 5 times a day and sometimes from the same person. I got used to being the butt of height-related jokes. I am not gonna lie .. I’ve felt really bad sometimes and felt really small(literally) but I can’t change the way I look.. I’m 5.1 and proud of it.

Just a sample conversation :

Person 1: You know you’re short!
Me: Well Yeah..
Person 1: Why?
Me: (*Oh god not again*) umm… I dunno.. Could be genetic…
Person 1: You can drink Complan or try skipping.
Me: (*Like I haven’t tried all those , you idiot*) Hmmm okay..

I know many of you out there have endured awkward conversations like this. It is often a stigma that short people are considered ugly .Let me tell you this…in a world where people have tails , the non-tail-ed people are considered to be weird . Likewise in a world of short people the tall ones are considered weird. I’m probably the shortest person in my class and my close friend is nearly 6 feet tall. I hang out with her all the time and people laugh at us. But I don’t care what they say.. Only insecure people tend to mock others as a way of hiding their defects. Some sort of defense mechanism I guess…

Some of you may feel I’m making a big deal out of this issue but it is a big deal to some people. I have heard horrible stories about people popping growth-pills and meeting with really bad side effects.To those people all I can say is :” Get a grip” . You can achieve as much as or in fact more than others. Your height doesn’t breed your self esteem. There are so many people who have reached great heights in spite of their “heights”.. To name a few : Al Pacino , Mahatma Gandhi, Maradona , Yuri Garin ……

So , to sum up …never ever mock your friends because of their height.Learn to respect them for what they are..As the saying goes , “Moorthi sirisu aanalum Keerthi Perisu” .

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Hi ! I'm Vandhana. Books. Blogging. Rickmaniac. Titanic. Time Travel. UFOs. Madras. Travel. History. Quirks. Shopaholic. Sinatra. Mozart. Beatles. Amelie. Me :)
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14 Responses to Feeling too small?

  1. angriestpear says:

    I can relate! I don’t mind being short anymore though. I had the same problem growing up. My best friend is very tall and I am quite short. People joked about it a lot and it bothered me at first. But after a while, I started making jokes as well.

  2. Soumya says:

    its other way round for me! i dont knw why people say this “you are getting taller everyday”, both they and I know that i stopped growing when i was 16 still they say this… and usually another dialogue will be attached “onakku mapillai tedarathu romba kashtam” and when i hear this i want to reply “tht is my problem not urs”!
    people are people if u r tall they will say “u r too tall” if u r short they will say “do this, do that”

    by the way my best friend is below 5 and we never really bothered about height!

    • vandysnape says:

      Yeah well ,.. I guess people nowadays don’t like conventional greetings like “How are you?”.. Now it’s either “Oh you’ve become thin ” or “Oh you’ve put on weight” and the like.. lol 😀

  3. ganeshputtu says:

    i really, really can get what you relate here….those short-minded people who label others on their height (or lack of) dont deserve an inch of sympathy from us…i am a lefty- and i get this sort of treatment all the time from even random strangers…..and as you point out as long as we wholesome and defect free (with all limbs/not dumb/not deaf)- we should thank our lucky stars and not worry about these trivialities…

  4. fgassette says:

    WELCOME! Thank you for subscribing to follow my blog. I hope you are encouraged, inspired and enjoy the photos I take.


  5. Sash says:

    what shall I say!

  6. If you’re so short, how come all your admirers (like me, for example) look up to you? Clearly your stature goes beyond feet and inches, and/or meters and centimeters– so there! : )

    P.S. Nice cartoon!! : )

  7. Mooshu says:

    In the same boat! indha height, weight, colour, looks… Idhulaaam nambaluku appa amma DNA’s thandha varam… Adunaaale good things comes in short packages nu curt ah reply panna vendiyadhu dhan!

    Have you noticed… Namba ooru manushaal- ku weather maadri.. Other people height/weight is a random topic of conversation… Olli-ya idhudhalum korai… Chubby aanalum korai… I think sun tv weather ramanan eh eppidi namba nambardhu illeyo… Adhe maadri ignore panna vendiyadhu dhan 🙂

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