I’m broke and I’m Happy about it

I’m just like any other person .. I don’t like my purse empty..Oh no I’m not stingy …Anyway let’s not get into that debate…

My day started off like this…Got up quite early by my standards and just imagine, I had to catch three buses to reach my computer class…Having waited in the bus stop for nearly an hour I really lost my cool…So just caught some bus and got down halfway…To my misfortune the bus was a deluxe one …So that means loosening my purse strings…grrrr…Again waiting, waiting , waiting…..for the share auto…Predictably no share auto ….It was already 9:00 and I knew my class would’ve started….So cursing everything from MTC buses to Java language , I had to spend 40 rs for an auto to reach my class…Another anit-climax…The class was to start at 9:30..
Now after the return journey I was left with only 30 bucks..As soon as I got off the bus , I saw this elaneer (tender coconut) shop…So spent 20 rs to buy one… Just when I was enjoying every drop of my elaneer , this old lady near me fainted ..well sort of .. She lost her balance and fell down…She looked really old and withered .. The only few paisas that she had were scattered here and there….I helped her get to her feet…Then she said with this miserable tone “பழம் சாப்டனும்நு ரூபா கொண்டு வந்தேன் மா “… I’d never seen anything so pitiful… asked her if she needed any money but she was so hesitant..Still , I opened my purse to see just one 10 rupee note tightly squeezed in between the leather… She had 5 rupees and I had 10 .. So I bought her an elaneer..I left the shop immediately.. I didn’t stay to see the relief in her face but I knew that I had made someone happy..

Eventhough it was just 10 bucks , I felt really happy… My crappy day seemed to have atleast one wonderful moment…You know that moment is just priceless….The joy of giving … Once you’ve tasted that fruit you’ll never want to let go of it…

I walked home with an empty purse.. I was broke and completely happy about it….


About vandysnape

Hi ! I'm Vandhana. Books. Blogging. Rickmaniac. Titanic. Time Travel. UFOs. Madras. Travel. History. Quirks. Shopaholic. Sinatra. Mozart. Beatles. Amelie. Me :)
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9 Responses to I’m broke and I’m Happy about it

  1. Puneet says:

    At last, I find a blog having the main idea similar to mine and if that wasn’t enough, a post similar to one of mine.

    Anyways, just dropped by and found your blog worth exploring.
    Nice posts. and damn good blog title (pretty pottery :P)

    hoping to have some good reads in future. 🙂

  2. You are a Force For Good in the community– well done, young wizard!! : )

  3. Sash says:

    I think we are all graduates of ‘technology of love and care’ and the tenure is life time. hahah…
    nice one of you coming out here. good. 🙂

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