Officially a senior!!!!!!!!

I just got my results today … Oh no don’t ask my grades …..The point is, I’m officially a SENIOR!! It’s been a memorable year for me .. I’m just gonna summarize this year in this post (which is of course a very hard thing for me to do considering I have to restrain myself from using excessive alsos , anyways and buts)..Okay here I go…

My college started on the 11th of September… Now that’s one date easy to remember..My dad accompanied me to the induction programme .. Usually people get anxious about getting accustomed to new people and college environment.. But there I was dreading to travel in college bus .. I have this motion sickness thing … But miraculously now I enjoy my bus rides to the fullest.. Hmmm.. My entire family came to my bus stop ..*Chessy Mommy-Daddy-Sis sentiment song*.. Speaking of my first impression of the college , it was a mini-DAV.. I dunno if it was because most of my friends were in the same group of colleges as mine or because the chief guest panel were as boring as the ones that come to my school independence day functions…

So that’s it nothing much about the first day..And the comes the second day.. It was really fine.. More than anything I was so happy about the fact that there ‘are’ people shorter than me in my college.. That cheered me up.. I was all this over-dressed kid in the college.. (and I still am ).. I hate to say this but during my 1st semester , in the words of Severes Snape I was an Insufferable Know-it-all… .. Okay okay enough about me .. My teachers .. They were a bit of an anti-climax.. Having grown up listening to my sister’s snooty-old- professor stories I was really taken aback to see that almost all my teachers were young …In fact they were more or less my sister’s age… In my first day bus journey I met this friend who remains to be one of my close friends till date…

Now I must definitely say this .. College life is diametrically opposite to school life… For once it was good to enjoy the freedom … And meeting different kinds of people was altogether a very very different experience..I’ve never seen these many kinds of people , all under a single roof….At first my friends said that I was a really shy , reserved and calm girl and a bit of a pazham.. Some even insisted me to be a little more open and social.. But I think they regret it coz I’ve turned into a fully grown chatterbox…Anyway apart from having fun with all my friends I also had some bitter moments… I understood this philosophy that people are not always what they seem to be..For one thing the person whom I believed to be a good friend betrayed me …It hit me very hard ….*sigh*

Really , sharing lunch , nicknames for teachers , treats for silly stuffs, little fights , hi-fi outings with a very low budget (I will never forget my Skywalk trip with my friends….We were broke .. Just had money enough just to buy cool drinks…but it was fun), the long wait for results and so on…I’ve had my share of a very good start…All in all my first year was like a tamil masala movie..

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5 Responses to Officially a senior!!!!!!!!

  1. Sash says:

    hahahahaha… 😀 “…like a tamil masala movie.”

  2. By now you’re out of college and having to work like the rest of us! lol

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