My kinda song (I): My heat is beating – Julie(1975)

I’ve always had a liking for old songs… And the latest addition to my never ending list of favourites is “My Heart is beating” from the movie “Julie” starring Lakshmi. It’s a 1975 ‘Juno’ style movie dealing with Teenage Pregnancy…

Anyway… About the song.. It was one of the first english songs in a fully Hindi movie..A very peculiarly pleasant one.. I mean at first you’ll like the tune of the song but find the singer Preeti Sagar’s voice quite sickeningly sweet..Even with her weird accent ,it’s that freshness in her voice which will make you grow fond of it (Like an A.R.Rahman’s song)…

Now coming to the song picturisation… It shows a very cliched cheesy Anglo Indian Family with a typical a happy-go-lucky-alcoholic father , a gown-wearing mum , a hippie-ish brother and sister…Being a very big fan of cheesy cosy films I loved the video… So do listen to it …..

P.S :If there was one thing which I don’t like about the song it’s that dreamy look on Lakshmi’s face….

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7 Responses to My kinda song (I): My heat is beating – Julie(1975)

  1. Sash says:

    is a private video and couldn’t watch the link. will search at a later time.

  2. Couldn’t watch the video either – “private” it said..

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