Language – Just a medium

UPDATE :May 1 , 2012 – It is so funny how diametrically opposite my views are right now. This post was written 2 years back. So many things have changed in the past two years. A) I don’t like Chetan Bhagat anymore. B) When I think I about it “God of Small Things” although pretty nauseating was nevertheless a wonderful book.  However, one thing hasn’t changed much. my love for reading books.  I didn’t delete this post because it sometimes amusing to see how much I have “changed” or rather “grown up” 🙂 Now over the post :

To begin with I love Chetan Bhagat’s novels and  enjoy them so much..I think he is a great author.. But my sis doesn’t think so..This often is a topic of debate  between us… Unlike my sis, for me language is just a medium for conveying your thoughts and it needn’t be all bombastic. One can convey great things with just simple words..Although it may not be what you call “Literature” material , at least it just indulges people into the pleasure of reading. For instance, I wasn’t a avid book reader or anything until I read Harry Potter. I was one of those people who branded books only for nerds.

It was HP which made me realize that pleasure of reading. I dunno why people don’t understand that books aren’t only about posh words and stuffs.. Take for instance my high school english teacher.. She always said “Books like Harry Potter will just fade into oblivion.. It won’t be a classic”.. Everytime she says that I feel like , “Okay.. What is not there in HP? It’s got a wonderful plot, characterization, allusions, symbolisms and all kinds of stuffs blah blah blah blah”..

One may think  I’m obsessed with ‘light’ novels.. Well here comes the reason… I read “God of small things” with a hope that these booker novels will be wonderful..But the book left me in a state of complete nausea and I kinda started hating the person who gave it to me.. (I’m not generalizing)

So, why don’t you give these not-so-much-of-a-literature  books a try rather than criticizing even before reading them..

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4 Responses to Language – Just a medium

  1. Sash says:

    about books… i so like them, buy almost every piece with a good title… to look at, read a few and rack it up or gift someone, but never to complete more than 2 books so far.

    So… take my comments easy on all your book reviews or books or authors. hahah… 😀

    simple writing is what I like, the best part of being balu’s fan is that.

  2. I read Khushwant Singh – Delhi a Novel when I was in India. I can’t remember the book, but I liked it a lot.

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