That unfinished drink…

Whenever I see someone shooing off a beggar or insult them I get really furious …But I for one never ever thought I’d do something like that…. In my defence it was a really tiring day and I was in a tetchy mood.. I was coming back from my maths tuition feeling rrrreallly thirsty…But I didn’t have a single penny to my account..With borrowed money (from the person whom I never expected to help me) I bought a Fanta … I enjoyed the drink inspite of the dingy shop I was in… Nothing was worth noticing there except for a pair of ancient biscuit tins… But something (someone) caught my eyes…She was a small girl (visibly not well fed) barely six or seven years…She had a ragged appearance but it wasn’t that which intrigued me… It was that longing look she gave me… or rather at my Fanta…I duuno why but something  prevented my giving it to her… Instead I moved away from her sight… I didn’t want those eyes staring at me while I was finishing my drink…But then the realization of what a cheap thing I’d done didn’t let me drink any further… Ashamed at myself I kept it on the counter…That unfinished drink


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2 Responses to That unfinished drink…

  1. Sash says:

    ah! an act, however thoughtful or not, is worth priceless, when realized. this post is finished well.

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